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project report on Ink production-Amul Industry

We got an opportunity to prepare the report on Amul Industries. It gives us immense pleasure to present this report against you. This report helps me to understand the basic terminologies related to the Production of INK.

Inks are one of the most important ingredients of printing industry and with the advancement of printing industry, need for the development of new types of Inks has also enhanced considerably. Inks are basically made in the form of paste and liquid ink depending upon the type of application. With the growing industrialization and urbanization, the demand for printing jobs and thereby for the ink is increasing day by day.


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1)              Introduction


2)             About  Amul  Industry


3)             History Behind Company’s                                               Inception


4)            Organizational Structure


5)            Input


a)              Land


                 Plant Lay-out


b)              Building


c)               Machinery


6)           Raw Material


7)           Furniture & Office Equipment


8)           Man Power


9)           Infrastructure


10)                    Process Flow Chart


11)                    Process


12)                    Packing


13)                    Storage


14)                    Characteristic of Ink


15)                    Output






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